06.04.06: our new recording is available now...


The section LYRICS has been renewed: the text of our new song Stay has been uploaded.

The next concert of our band will take place in the Owl club (Petrozavodsk) on the 13-th of May.


So, we have some news for you. The first is about our group's plans concerning the record. In two months we are going to prepare and record 3-4 new tracks of the same quality as our last record. At the beginning of June everything is going to be ready. There will be two new songs among these tracks. Nobody has heard them before.

Besides, the group is going to take part in the concert that will take place in the club Owl on the 13-th of May. There are going to be F.O.R and AiD, the groups from Petrozavodsk, and two groups from St.Petersburg. See you at the concert!


Two months of hard work on our new promo-record have finally finished. 1-st and 2-nd April we spent in the studio where we recorded a track. You can download it in section MUSIC. We would like to thank Alex Rozen for his priceless help without that we wouldn't achieve the result. The report about the session will be a little bit later. Wait for renewals!


Well, you haven't heard anything from us for quite a long time Actually we haven't been recording music, we haven't been participating in concerts, so we have no news. We have been practicing and continue doing it. At the end of March we are planning to record a new track. Though it is just plans we are working hard to carry them out. Besides, we are going to change our name. The name is dear to our hearts but a German band has already taken it. I'm not sure who was the first, but still, the fact is the fact, we don't have copyrights, so We are often asked about concerts. In fact, we don't have certain arrangements but we are likely to participate in the next Resurrection Metal Fest. It's going to be in a month or something like that. Well, wait for news!


No news. We are playing, working on songs and writing new ones. Hope the result will please you, but it takes much time. By the way, concerning the section Music: from the moment of the site creation 738 tracks have been downloaded. Quite a good result.


There is a refreshment in the section ABOUT. The group history and a lot of pictures. More...


There is the text of a new song Insanity' in the section LYRICS. More...

The section MUSIC has been refreshed. Now you can download Demonstration with high bitrate. More...


You can find the texts of songs from Demonstration in the section LYRICS. More...


We have rocorded the second version of one of the demo-songs (downloading forbidden since 03/04/06).


Well, a week's passed since we sited the music. We decided to examine the statistics and found out that more than a gigabyte of music had been downloaded. That's a nice result. You're seem to be interested in what we're doing. And here comes a question why are there so few comments in our forum?!! Please, be more active! We need your reviews many and different! Don ' t hesitate there is no premoderation.


Well, we have a lot of news. The main one is that we have recorded a demo. You can download it in the section MUSIC. Besides, the staff of our group has changed: Andrej drums, Alyona vocal, Svetlana violin, Andrej guitar, Denis bass, Dima guitar. So, we've made new pictures of our group. More...

As you can see the design of our site has changed. There is little information here, but we'll correct it asap.

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